In the moments following Nipsey Hussle‘s untimely death, reports surfaced of his plans to produce a documentary focusing on Dr. Sebi, who famously claimed to have cured AIDS with his holistic methods. 

Nick Cannon vowed to continue Nipsey’s work, writing in an Instagram post, “Where you left off, we gonna carry on. It’s a MARATHON, so I’m picking up the baton!”

With a couple of months passing, however, Hip Hop Overload published an article claiming Cannon chose to scrap the doc due to an outpouring of death threats he’s received. The post has seemingly since been deleted from the website.

“People close to Nick say’s [sic] that Nick feels Nipsey’s hunger to release the Sebi movie is what had him killed,” the article said, according to Hot New Hip Hop. “This is truly sad because the Dr. Sebi movie was definitely needed.”

In response to the claim, Cannon posted a screenshot of the article to his Instagram page, firmly denying he was axing the film.

“Oh ‘They’ wish this was the truth!!” he wrote. “Who made this dumb s**t? LOL #Fearless.”

Take a look, below:

Despite the many conspiracy theories, it has not been confirmed that Nipsey Hussle’s death and his work to shine a light on Dr. Sebi’s claims have any connection.